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Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Lancelot1 (English) 13h 56065 1,384.74bn 24,698k
Kay2 (English) 11h 47427 1,225.22bn 25,834k
Bors3 (Deutsch) 10h 55305 1,529.23bn 27,650k
Bedivere4 (Español) 07h 78770 1,506.5bn 19,125k
Galahad5 (Français) 07h 76584 1,240.99bn 16,204k
Gawain6 (Italiano) 2d 10h 61209 1,386.04bn 22,644k
Percival7 (English) 2d 10h 44531 821.03bn 18,437k
Ector8 (English) 02h 45987 1,044.95bn 22,722k
Gareth9 (English) 2d 09h 40945 807.43bn 19,720k
Hengist10 (English) 1d 01h 41828 898.79bn 21,487k
Horsa11 (English) 1d 04h 44173 843.42bn 19,093k
Merlin12 (English) 1d 02h 42350 870.83bn 20,562k
Mordred13 (English) 04h 43781 979.63bn 22,375k
Pellinore14 (Français) 1d 01h 79547 2,288.82bn 28,773k
Tristan15 (Italiano) 1d 05h 57809 1,974.12bn 34,149k
Pendragon16 (English) 1d 02h 43233 1,089.8bn 25,207k
Vortigern17 (English) 1d 03h 41629 1,244.4bn 29,892k
Guinevere18 (English) 2d 17h 40583 995.42bn 24,528k
Morgana19 (Deutsch) 05h 54887 2,067.65bn 37,671k
Lancelot20 (Español) 1d 05h 79655 1,801.31bn 22,613k
Kay21 (English) 1d 13h 38962 982.45bn 25,215k
Bors22 (English) 1d 03h 38395 1,018.67bn 26,531k
Bedivere23 (English) 2d 07h 38951 901.26bn 23,138k
Galahad24 (English) 04h 38128 1,140.27bn 29,906k
Gawain25 (English) 2d 00h 37164 959.11bn 25,807k
Percival26 (English) 09h 36796 975.81bn 26,519k
Ector27 (Turkish) 04h 81912 1,232.9bn 15,051k
Gareth28 (Swedish) 1d 01h 62937 1,125.18bn 17,877k
Hengist29 (Dutch) 2d 00h 79351 1,988.61bn 25,061k
Horsa30 (Danish) 1d 01h 60910 1,314.22bn 21,576k
Merlin31 (Russian) 1d 03h 58306 941.15bn 16,141k
Mordred32 (Polish) 03h 56396 1,193.25bn 21,158k
Pellinore33 (Br. Portuguese) 1d 03h 44335 1,056.29bn 23,825k
Tristan34 (Français) 1d 05h 74191 1,627.01bn 21,930k
Pendragon35 (Italiano) 09h 57378 1,674.63bn 29,186k
Vortigern36 (English) 09h 40577 1,028.44bn 25,345k
Guinevere37 (English) 05h 37175 1,057.21bn 28,438k
Morgana38 (English) 06h 34093 888.73bn 26,067k
Lancelot39 (English) 1d 03h 37538 1,053.49bn 28,064k
Kay40 (English) 2d 23h 34312 1,037.8bn 30,246k
Bors41 (Español) 1d 01h 73717 1,704.43bn 23,121k
Bedivere42 (Deutsch) 08h 57578 2,339.92bn 40,639k
Galahad43 (English) 10h 36307 1,026.25bn 28,265k
Gawain44 (English) 2d 23h 33819 860.12bn 25,433k
Percival45 (English) 1d 04h 37717 1,293.42bn 34,292k
Ector46 (English) 1d 05h 37122 1,016.65bn 27,386k
Gareth47 (English) 04h 32968 1,174.39bn 35,622k
Hengist48 (English) 2d 09h 34798 1,250.89bn 35,947k
Horsa49 (Hardcore) 1d 05h 26479 55.49bn 2,095k
Merlin50 (English) 1d 02h 34651 1,050.21bn 30,308k
Mordred51 (English) 1d 23h 33482 911.13bn 27,212k
Pellinore52 (English) 1d 04h 32596 873.58bn 26,800k
Tristan53 (English) 1d 02h 33986 694.4bn 20,432k
Pendragon54 (English) 1d 04h 35217 1,121.96bn 31,858k
Vortigern55 (Español) 18h 38501 1,842.62bn 47,859k
Guinevere56 (Deutsch) 1d 05h 82993 1,744.3bn 21,017k
Morgana57 (Br. Portuguese) 2d 17h 38121 1,040.95bn 27,306k
Lancelot58 (Russian) 15h 99636 1,020.18bn 10,239k
Kay59 (English) 1d 04h 32647 1,033.52bn 31,657k
Bors60 (English) 09h 29734 1,048.46bn 35,261k
Bedivere61 (Turkish) 00h 63117 506.28bn 8,021k
Galahad62 (Dutch) 1d 02h 78457 1,219.85bn 15,548k
Gawain63 (Russian) 2d 23h 59478 1,005.66bn 16,908k
Percival64 (Français) 2d 23h 92505 888.28bn 9,602k
Ector65 (Italiano) 07h 115449 767.02bn 6,643k
Gareth66 (English) 1d 21h 30993 1,275.03bn 41,139k
Hengist67 (English) 16h 30761 855.63bn 27,815k
Horsa68 (English) 1d 05h 31471 1,074.37bn 34,138k
Merlin69 (English) 05h 33706 864.81bn 25,657k
Mordred70 (English) 2d 11h 38411 1,676.61bn 43,649k
Pellinore71 (English) 1d 02h 35312 1,101.15bn 31,183k
Tristan72 (English) 2d 17h 27949 924.61bn 33,082k
Pendragon73 (Español) 1d 03h 40285 1,393.71bn 34,596k
Vortigern74 (Deutsch) 1d 03h 32282 1,270.04bn 39,342k
Guinevere75 (Br. Portuguese) 2d 16h 38491 665.48bn 17,289k
Morgana76 (English) 2d 08h 28947 1,064.96bn 36,790k
Lancelot77 (English) 2d 09h 25087 931.44bn 37,128k
Howell78 (English) 1d 02h 23935 977.05bn 40,821k
Kay79 (Turkish) 04h 63134 401.17bn 6,354k
Bors80 (English) 2d 07h 21250 711.26bn 33,471k
Bedivere81 (English) 23h 62590 413.25bn 6,602k
Galahad82 (English) 1d 01h 62853 662.85bn 10,546k
Gawain83 (Français) 1d 01h 39362 360.51bn 9,158k
Percival84 (Français) 1d 03h 39357 540.51bn 13,733k
Ector85 (Deutsch) 1d 03h 41400 638.41bn 15,420k
Gareth86 (Deutsch) 1d 01h 41859 649.72bn 15,521k
Hengist87 (English) 1d 01h 18695 965.48bn 51,643k
兰斯洛特1 (Chinese Simplified) 13h 79949 12.26bn 153k
蘭斯洛特1 (Chinese Traditional) 14h 14372 3.5bn 243k
랜슬롯90 (Korean) 2d 07h 51949 1,231.54bn 23,706k
ランスロット91 (Janpanese) 1d 04h 22500 838.67bn 37,274k
凯伊2 (Chinese Simplified) 2d 16h 79935 11.77bn 147k
凱伊2 (Chinese Traditional) 14h 14371 4.99bn 347k
博尔3 (Chinese Simplified) 2d 21h 79953 11.4bn 142k
Lancelot97 (English) 08h 19252 831.35bn 43,182k
Kay98 (English) 08h 115364 64.17bn 556k
Bors99 (Español) 10h 92988 6,372.6bn 68,531k
Gawain102 (English) 07h 119088 59.16bn 496k
Percival103 (English) 09h 114800 62.06bn 540k
Ector104 (Français) 09h 82895 5,071.05bn 61,174k
Gareth105 (Italiano) 11h 75234 6,541.4bn 86,947k
Hengist106 (Deutsch) 1d 04h 69456 9,637.92bn 138,763k
Horsa107 (Español) 12h 93597 10,285.61bn 109,892k
Merlin108 (Turkish) 05h 49352 1,946.93bn 39,449k
Mordred109 (Russian) 1d 05h 81408 5,311.27bn 65,242k
Pellinore110 (Danish) 1d 04h 12378 3,134.78bn 253,254k
Tristan111 (Swedish) 10h 16299 1,333.46bn 81,812k
Avalon (Hardcore) 08h 16589 1.48bn 89k
Stormlands (Hardcore) 09h 9440 1.13bn 120k
Camlann (English) 09h 97183 7.35bn 75k
Morgana115 (English) 2d 09h 117108 54.45bn 464k
Lancelot116 (English) 09h 136681 2,922.4bn 21,381k
Kay117 (English) 11h 136032 4,613.06bn 33,911k
Lohengrin118 (English) 10h 135108 4,440.97bn 32,869k
Lohengrin119 (English) 09h 136483 7,233.64bn 53,000k
Avalon (English) 10h 13706 41.74bn 3,046k
Gawain121 (English) 12h 111665 46.73bn 418k
Ector123 (Dutch) 10h 24101 20,916.68bn 867,876k
Nordic/Polski124 (Polish) 08h 14585 18,247.04bn 1,251,083k
Hengist125 (English) 10h 83378 13,072.33bn 156,783k
Horsa126 (English) 11h 19731 39,533.59bn 2,003,628k
Merlin127 (English) 11h 19898 43,703.01bn 2,196,352k
Mordred128 (English) 11h 19301 38,062.41bn 1,972,043k
Pellinore129 (English) 11h 17198 35,191.38bn 2,046,248k
Tristan130 (English) 12h 20230 40,382.54bn 1,996,171k
Pendragon131 (English) 10h 22242 38,625.67bn 1,736,609k
Vortigern132 (English) 11h 17065 22,405.03bn 1,312,923k
Guinevere133 (English) 12h 26654 15,912.72bn 597,010k
Morgana134 (Deutsch) 10h 18776 59,787.39bn 3,184,245k
Lancelot135 (Français) 10h 14776 30,420.01bn 2,058,744k
Lancelot136 (Español) 11h 18995 37,287.37bn 1,963,010k
Kay137 (Italiano) 11h 16215 44,794.86bn 2,762,556k
AvalonPvP138 (Hardcore) 2d 09h 16890 13.99bn 828k
Bedivere139 (Turkish) 1d 05h 8031 11,625.92bn 1,447,631k
贝德维尔4 (Chinese Simplified) 2d 07h 31293 1,337.18bn 42,731k
Gawain141 (Br. Portuguese) 09h 34018 13,128.26bn 385,921k
Percival142 (Russian) 09h 18678 17,383.78bn 930,709k
Ector143 11h 49639 4,027.06bn 81,127k
101 Champion of 2018 32d 12h 4654 1.11bn 239k
Purgatory200 (Hardcore) Old 3yrs 7m 0d 31945 10.51bn 329k
Inferno 101 (Special Event) (Old) 3yrs 6m 4d 12020 5.88bn 489k
Underworld (Hardcore) (Old) 2yrs 10m 14d 12043 52.16bn 4,331k
Resurgence (Hardcore) (Old 2016) 2yrs 7m 1d 12426 1.22bn 98k
JUGGERNAUT (Hardcore) (Old 2016) 2yrs 2m 0d 5484 2.4bn 437k
Guardian (Hardcore) (Old 2017) 1yrs 2m 0d 4844 2.37bn 490k
Champion of 2017 (Old 2018) 302d 10h 4790 1.27bn 266k
Beserker Hardcore 101 (Old 2018) 272d 11h 4611 1.16bn 253k
101 (Old 2018) 144d 11h 4505 1.27bn 282k

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