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Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $1 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $2 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $4 per month to get access to all games.

Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Lancelot1 (English) 14h 56871 721.6bn 12,688k
Kay2 (English) 14h 46018 708.08bn 15,387k
Bors3 (Deutsch) 14h 54699 1,161.48bn 21,234k
Bedivere4 (Español) 09h 78125 1,240.4bn 15,877k
Galahad5 (Français) 05h 76123 1,038.79bn 13,646k
Gawain6 (Italiano) 13h 60568 1,006.26bn 16,613k
Percival7 (English) 13h 43526 439.4bn 10,095k
Ector8 (English) 09h 44723 567.3bn 12,684k
Gareth9 (English) 12h 39953 436.62bn 10,928k
Hengist10 (English) 07h 41068 470.66bn 11,460k
Horsa11 (English) 11h 43165 474.66bn 10,996k
Merlin12 (English) 13h 41565 451.18bn 10,854k
Mordred13 (English) 11h 43042 478.63bn 11,120k
Pellinore14 (Français) 13h 78926 1,774.26bn 22,480k
Tristan15 (Italiano) 13h 57014 1,470.68bn 25,795k
Pendragon16 (English) 06h 42510 584.5bn 13,749k
Vortigern17 (English) 05h 40843 650.02bn 15,915k
Guinevere18 (English) 06h 39901 550.31bn 13,791k
Morgana19 (Deutsch) 14h 54366 1,606.13bn 29,542k
Lancelot20 (Español) 14h 78316 1,443.46bn 18,431k
Kay21 (English) 13h 38232 502.13bn 13,133k
Bors22 (English) 05h 37521 540.83bn 14,414k
Bedivere23 (English) 07h 37963 462.98bn 12,195k
Galahad24 (English) 12h 37300 638.92bn 17,129k
Gawain25 (English) 14h 36362 519.54bn 14,288k
Percival26 (English) 09h 36029 552.1bn 15,323k
Ector27 (Turkish) 12h 81257 1,030.47bn 12,681k
Gareth28 (Swedish) 04h 62575 904.02bn 14,447k
Hengist29 (Dutch) 10h 78690 1,473.51bn 18,725k
Horsa30 (Danish) 10h 60276 1,044.49bn 17,328k
Merlin31 (Russian) 04h 57858 770.66bn 13,319k
Mordred32 (Polish) 11h 54029 1,018.98bn 18,859k
Pellinore33 (Br. Portuguese) 06h 42790 677.87bn 15,841k
Tristan34 (Français) 08h 73659 1,233.36bn 16,744k
Pendragon35 (Italiano) 13h 56372 1,306.65bn 23,179k
Vortigern36 (English) 06h 38124 613.12bn 16,082k
Guinevere37 (English) 05h 35865 565.34bn 15,763k
Morgana38 (English) 11h 33242 435.93bn 13,113k
Lancelot39 (English) 10h 36245 564.56bn 15,576k
Kay40 (English) 10h 33488 540.33bn 16,135k
Bors41 (Español) 11h 72649 1,450.53bn 19,966k
Bedivere42 (Deutsch) 14h 56883 1,794.36bn 31,544k
Galahad43 (English) 13h 35418 543.69bn 15,350k
Gawain44 (English) 07h 32966 451.77bn 13,704k
Percival45 (English) 10h 36827 748.76bn 20,331k
Ector46 (English) 08h 35764 551.63bn 15,424k
Gareth47 (English) 06h 32145 625.87bn 19,470k
Hengist48 (English) 07h 33920 681.77bn 20,099k
Horsa49 (Hardcore) 11h 17841 11.18bn 626k
Merlin50 (English) 07h 33659 551.46bn 16,383k
Mordred51 (English) 05h 32100 514.42bn 16,025k
Pellinore52 (English) 08h 31765 464.86bn 14,634k
Tristan53 (English) 06h 32995 373.48bn 11,319k
Pendragon54 (English) 11h 33176 657.78bn 19,827k
Vortigern55 (Español) 12h 37331 1,216.62bn 32,590k
Guinevere56 (Deutsch) 11h 82556 1,458.35bn 17,665k
Morgana57 (Br. Portuguese) 12h 30476 603.87bn 19,814k
Lancelot58 (Russian) 06h 99143 803.5bn 8,104k
Kay59 (English) 05h 31719 557.59bn 17,579k
Bors60 (English) 14h 28618 577.89bn 20,193k
Bedivere61 (Turkish) 02h 62661 397.6bn 6,345k
Galahad62 (Dutch) 12h 71288 859.34bn 12,054k
Gawain63 (Russian) 05h 58348 816.41bn 13,992k
Percival64 (Français) 07h 92084 750.26bn 8,147k
Ector65 (Italiano) 12h 114768 633.52bn 5,520k
Gareth66 (English) 11h 29686 714.38bn 24,064k
Hengist67 (English) 09h 29204 509.07bn 17,431k
Horsa68 (English) 10h 30388 574.38bn 18,901k
Merlin69 (English) 09h 32211 461.83bn 14,337k
Mordred70 (English) 08h 36644 910.63bn 24,850k
Pellinore71 (English) 10h 33972 611.28bn 17,993k
Tristan72 (English) 08h 26583 563.55bn 21,199k
Pendragon73 (Español) 09h 38879 1,147.97bn 29,526k
Vortigern74 (Deutsch) 05h 31143 1,068.21bn 34,300k
Guinevere75 (Br. Portuguese) 08h 30679 381.43bn 12,432k
Morgana76 (English) 09h 27290 498.49bn 18,266k
Lancelot77 (English) 09h 23310 484.33bn 20,777k
Howell78 (English) 08h 21886 531.03bn 24,263k
Kay79 (Turkish) 04h 62743 364.33bn 5,806k
Bors80 (English) 03h 18326 358.62bn 19,569k
Bedivere81 (English) 03h 54391 345.23bn 6,347k
Galahad82 (English) 06h 54370 549.12bn 10,099k
Gawain83 (Français) 03h 37983 297.85bn 7,841k
Percival84 (Français) 04h 38414 428.02bn 11,142k
Ector85 (Deutsch) 06h 40937 578.68bn 14,135k
Gareth86 (Deutsch) 05h 41100 542.81bn 13,207k
Hengist87 (English) 08h 16126 568.25bn 35,238k
兰斯洛特1 (Chinese Simplified) 04h 72707 5.5bn 75k
蘭斯洛特1 (Chinese Traditional) 04h 13489 1.73bn 128k
凯伊2 (Chinese Simplified) 07h 72699 5.51bn 75k
凱伊2 (Chinese Traditional) 04h 13488 2.32bn 172k
博尔3 (Chinese Simplified) 00h 72723 6.33bn 87k
Lancelot97 (English) 04h 16668 490.28bn 29,414k
Kay98 (English) 09h 114054 18.76bn 164k
Bors99 (Español) 08h 61739 18.66bn 302k
Gawain102 (English) 10h 117711 15.53bn 131k
Percival103 (English) 12h 112531 10.03bn 89k
Ector104 (Français) 10h 23538 2.32bn 98k
Gareth105 (Italiano) 14h 18257 1.9bn 104k
Hengist106 (Deutsch) 10h 16816 2.89bn 172k
Horsa107 (Español) 11h 30173 2.35bn 78k
Merlin108 (Turkish) 09h 14352 0.61bn 43k
Mordred109 (Russian) 07h 19787 1.78bn 89k
Pellinore110 (Danish) 09h 3854 0.86bn 224k
Tristan111 (Swedish) 06h 6150 0.79bn 129k
Avalon (Hardcore) 12h 13076 1.04bn 80k
Stormlands (Hardcore) 13h 7284 0.39bn 54k
Morgana115 (English) 14h 113052 8.25bn 73k

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