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Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $1 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $2 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $4 per month to get access to all games.

Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Lancelot1 (English) 07h 59328 1,387.3bn 23,383k
Kay2 (English) 07h 47223 1,224.59bn 25,932k
Bors3 (Deutsch) 07h 55263 1,528.71bn 27,662k
Bedivere4 (Español) 04h 78717 1,505.84bn 19,129k
Galahad5 (Français) 04h 76523 1,236.95bn 16,164k
Gawain6 (Italiano) 1d 00h 61163 1,383.56bn 22,620k
Percival7 (English) 1d 00h 44379 820.14bn 18,480k
Ector8 (English) 20h 45794 1,044.73bn 22,813k
Gareth9 (English) 06h 40839 805.75bn 19,730k
Hengist10 (English) 01h 41733 898.37bn 21,526k
Horsa11 (English) 1d 00h 44041 843.34bn 19,149k
Merlin12 (English) 1d 01h 42252 870.35bn 20,599k
Mordred13 (English) 02h 43674 979.17bn 22,419k
Pellinore14 (Français) 21h 79500 2,285.52bn 28,748k
Tristan15 (Italiano) 02h 57771 1,974.36bn 34,175k
Pendragon16 (English) 22h 43135 1,088.12bn 25,226k
Vortigern17 (English) 1d 00h 41540 1,243.72bn 29,940k
Guinevere18 (English) 02h 40477 995.23bn 24,587k
Morgana19 (Deutsch) 1d 02h 54854 2,062.1bn 37,592k
Lancelot20 (Español) 01h 79613 1,798.96bn 22,596k
Kay21 (English) 22h 38834 981.81bn 25,282k
Bors22 (English) 1d 04h 38287 1,018.33bn 26,597k
Bedivere23 (English) 1d 00h 38835 900.82bn 23,196k
Galahad24 (English) 23h 38009 1,140.13bn 29,996k
Gawain25 (English) 08h 37058 958.54bn 25,866k
Percival26 (English) 03h 36678 975.3bn 26,590k
Ector27 (Turkish) 1d 10h 81868 1,232.7bn 15,057k
Gareth28 (Swedish) 01h 62911 1,124.64bn 17,876k
Hengist29 (Dutch) 1d 10h 79301 1,983.26bn 25,009k
Horsa30 (Danish) 22h 60875 1,305.23bn 21,441k
Merlin31 (Russian) 21h 58257 940.56bn 16,145k
Mordred32 (Polish) 10h 56354 1,192.89bn 21,167k
Pellinore33 (Br. Portuguese) 04h 44125 1,055.86bn 23,928k
Tristan34 (Français) 23h 74137 1,625.96bn 21,931k
Pendragon35 (Italiano) 1d 19h 57315 1,674.23bn 29,211k
Vortigern36 (English) 06h 40411 1,028.26bn 25,445k
Guinevere37 (English) 1d 01h 36829 1,056.24bn 28,679k
Morgana38 (English) 23h 33915 888.26bn 26,191k
Lancelot39 (English) 06h 37373 1,052.93bn 28,173k
Kay40 (English) 20h 34201 1,037.74bn 30,342k
Bors41 (Español) 2d 04h 73669 1,703.08bn 23,118k
Bedivere42 (Deutsch) 06h 57496 2,338.8bn 40,677k
Galahad43 (English) 08h 36171 1,025.96bn 28,364k
Gawain44 (English) 1d 02h 33680 859.16bn 25,509k
Percival45 (English) 1d 01h 37559 1,292.8bn 34,420k
Ector46 (English) 02h 36921 1,016.56bn 27,533k
Gareth47 (English) 19h 32859 1,173.92bn 35,726k
Hengist48 (English) 22h 34651 1,250.33bn 36,083k
Horsa49 (Hardcore) 02h 25713 55.32bn 2,151k
Merlin50 (English) 23h 34459 1,049.93bn 30,468k
Mordred51 (English) 22h 33238 911.61bn 27,426k
Pellinore52 (English) 1d 08h 32470 872.99bn 26,886k
Tristan53 (English) 2d 20h 33841 693.81bn 20,502k
Pendragon54 (English) 21h 34878 1,121.39bn 32,151k
Vortigern55 (Español) 20h 38353 1,842.17bn 48,032k
Guinevere56 (Deutsch) 1d 19h 82968 1,744.34bn 21,024k
Morgana57 (Br. Portuguese) 1d 21h 37734 1,040.97bn 27,587k
Lancelot58 (Russian) 1d 21h 99582 1,019.07bn 10,233k
Kay59 (English) 22h 32503 1,033.15bn 31,786k
Bors60 (English) 19h 29612 1,047.93bn 35,388k
Bedivere61 (Turkish) 08h 63099 506.19bn 8,022k
Galahad62 (Dutch) 1d 12h 78418 1,218.78bn 15,542k
Gawain63 (Russian) 01h 59247 1,003.55bn 16,938k
Percival64 (Français) 18h 92479 888.08bn 9,603k
Ector65 (Italiano) 2d 13h 115395 766.61bn 6,643k
Gareth66 (English) 18h 30834 1,273.91bn 41,315k
Hengist67 (English) 15h 30618 855.37bn 27,937k
Horsa68 (English) 2d 20h 31300 1,074.25bn 34,321k
Merlin69 (English) 18h 33291 864.44bn 25,966k
Mordred70 (English) 1d 19h 38145 1,675.97bn 43,936k
Pellinore71 (English) 04h 35087 1,100.98bn 31,378k
Tristan72 (English) 03h 27685 924.2bn 33,382k
Pendragon73 (Español) 1d 20h 40075 1,393.1bn 34,762k
Vortigern74 (Deutsch) 12h 32038 1,268.96bn 39,608k
Guinevere75 (Br. Portuguese) 2d 14h 38170 665.5bn 17,435k
Morgana76 (English) 17h 28652 1,064.65bn 37,158k
Lancelot77 (English) 2d 22h 24794 931.41bn 37,566k
Howell78 (English) 17h 23541 976.69bn 41,489k
Kay79 (Turkish) 2d 16h 63125 401.12bn 6,354k
Bors80 (English) 2d 15h 20858 710.93bn 34,084k
Bedivere81 (English) 1d 16h 62556 410.45bn 6,561k
Galahad82 (English) 19h 62820 661.64bn 10,532k
Gawain83 (Français) 2d 12h 39323 360.47bn 9,167k
Percival84 (Français) 11h 39310 531.01bn 13,508k
Ector85 (Deutsch) 1d 00h 41337 637.68bn 15,426k
Gareth86 (Deutsch) 2d 14h 41836 643.41bn 15,379k
Hengist87 (English) 20h 18305 964.34bn 52,682k
兰斯洛特1 (Chinese Simplified) 2d 17h 79931 12.23bn 153k
蘭斯洛特1 (Chinese Traditional) 17h 14367 3.49bn 243k
凯伊2 (Chinese Simplified) 15h 79912 11.71bn 146k
凱伊2 (Chinese Traditional) 2d 17h 14364 4.97bn 346k
博尔3 (Chinese Simplified) 1d 15h 79934 11.38bn 142k
Lancelot97 (English) 2d 22h 18821 830.99bn 44,152k
Kay98 (English) 17h 115307 63.64bn 551k
Bors99 (Español) 04h 71557 49.8bn 696k
Purgatory200 (Hardcore) 07h 21066 11.96bn 567k
Gawain102 (English) 10h 119029 59.04bn 496k
Percival103 (English) 23h 114712 61.66bn 537k
Ector104 (Français) 03h 55569 50.46bn 908k
Gareth105 (Italiano) 07h 46347 46.61bn 1,005k
Hengist106 (Deutsch) 05h 43735 66.68bn 1,524k
Horsa107 (Español) 06h 71521 65.16bn 911k
Merlin108 (Turkish) 02h 36071 16.61bn 460k
Mordred109 (Russian) 04h 60197 43.94bn 729k
Pellinore110 (Danish) 04h 8979 15.53bn 1,729k
Tristan111 (Swedish) 01h 13217 16.04bn 1,213k
Avalon (Hardcore) 15h 16582 1.36bn 82k
Stormlands (Hardcore) 14h 9435 1.09bn 115k
Morgana115 (English) 19h 117036 54.33bn 464k
Lancelot116 (English) 04h 112112 87.22bn 777k
Kay117 (English) 07h 112339 103.31bn 919k
Lohengrin118 (English) 03h 47718 23.11bn 484k
Ector123 (Dutch) 04h 8466 3,720.19bn 439,428k
Nordic/Polski124 (Polish) 19h 6321 4,040.04bn 639,145k
Hengist125 (English) 06h 29273 1,182.01bn 40,378k
Horsa126 (English) 05h 11375 9,586.74bn 842,790k
Merlin127 (English) 06h 10527 8,486.36bn 806,152k
Mordred128 (English) 06h 10552 8,031.85bn 761,168k
Pellinore129 (English) 01h 10246 7,750.83bn 756,474k
Tristan130 (English) 06h 10868 7,859.26bn 723,156k
Pendragon131 (English) 03h 11808 7,630.13bn 646,183k
Vortigern132 (English) 05h 8975 4,860.57bn 541,567k
Guinevere133 (English) 22h 12430 1,071.74bn 86,222k
Morgana134 (Deutsch) 07h 9361 11,483.24bn 1,226,711k
Lancelot135 (Français) 04h 7887 7,743.66bn 981,826k
Lancelot136 (Español) 03h 9821 9,438.41bn 961,044k
Kay137 (Italiano) 02h 7564 6,823.83bn 902,145k
Bors138 (English) 18h 6629 4bn 604k
Bedivere139 (Turkish) 05h 3910 2,482.4bn 634,887k
贝德维尔4 (Chinese Simplified) 1d 01h 13158 59.47bn 4,520k
Gawain141 (Br. Portuguese) 1d 00h 13896 3,059.59bn 220,177k
Percival142 (Russian) 23h 7315 3,036.97bn 415,170k
Ector143 17h 7319 3,036.83bn 414,924k

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