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Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Lancelot1 (English) 14h 59453 1,387.93bn 23,345k
Kay2 (English) 14h 47298 1,224.61bn 25,891k
Bors3 (Deutsch) 14h 55280 1,528.85bn 27,656k
Bedivere4 (Español) 03h 78726 1,505.98bn 19,129k
Galahad5 (Français) 1d 07h 76541 1,238.85bn 16,185k
Gawain6 (Italiano) 11h 61175 1,383.64bn 22,617k
Percival7 (English) 12h 44423 820.25bn 18,464k
Ector8 (English) 14h 45878 1,044.74bn 22,772k
Gareth9 (English) 10h 40878 806.1bn 19,719k
Hengist10 (English) 2d 09h 41756 898.44bn 21,516k
Horsa11 (English) 1d 10h 44074 843.01bn 19,127k
Merlin12 (English) 1d 07h 42279 870.39bn 20,586k
Mordred13 (English) 1d 12h 43702 979.2bn 22,406k
Pellinore14 (Français) 06h 79531 2,285.91bn 28,742k
Tristan15 (Italiano) 13h 57784 1,974.29bn 34,166k
Pendragon16 (English) 11h 43163 1,088.33bn 25,214k
Vortigern17 (English) 1d 14h 41567 1,243.96bn 29,926k
Guinevere18 (English) 1d 09h 40507 995.26bn 24,570k
Morgana19 (Deutsch) 1d 07h 54865 2,063.88bn 37,617k
Lancelot20 (Español) 2d 11h 79622 1,799.39bn 22,599k
Kay21 (English) 2d 10h 38877 981.89bn 25,256k
Bors22 (English) 1d 16h 38321 1,018.41bn 26,575k
Bedivere23 (English) 12h 38866 900.86bn 23,178k
Galahad24 (English) 1d 11h 38050 1,140.19bn 29,965k
Gawain25 (English) 2d 11h 37091 958.65bn 25,845k
Percival26 (English) 2d 10h 36709 975.3bn 26,568k
Ector27 (Turkish) 12h 81885 1,233.02bn 15,058k
Gareth28 (Swedish) 1d 16h 62924 1,124.88bn 17,876k
Hengist29 (Dutch) 09h 79321 1,987.85bn 25,060k
Horsa30 (Danish) 2d 09h 60883 1,305.4bn 21,441k
Merlin31 (Russian) 1d 16h 58273 940.76bn 16,144k
Mordred32 (Polish) 2d 12h 56365 1,192.91bn 21,164k
Pellinore33 (Br. Portuguese) 1d 08h 44179 1,056.02bn 23,903k
Tristan34 (Français) 2d 10h 74157 1,626.35bn 21,931k
Pendragon35 (Italiano) 1d 12h 57342 1,674.5bn 29,202k
Vortigern36 (English) 1d 10h 40448 1,028.24bn 25,421k
Guinevere37 (English) 13h 36942 1,056.6bn 28,601k
Morgana38 (English) 2d 12h 33954 888.51bn 26,168k
Lancelot39 (English) 1d 10h 37414 1,053.13bn 28,148k
Kay40 (English) 11h 34237 1,037.67bn 30,308k
Bors41 (Español) 2d 08h 73685 1,703.77bn 23,122k
Bedivere42 (Deutsch) 1d 13h 57527 2,339.43bn 40,666k
Galahad43 (English) 1d 11h 36212 1,025.98bn 28,332k
Gawain44 (English) 1d 10h 33721 859.89bn 25,500k
Percival45 (English) 05h 37604 1,292.83bn 34,380k
Ector46 (English) 2d 11h 36960 1,016.7bn 27,508k
Gareth47 (English) 1d 16h 32896 1,174bn 35,688k
Hengist48 (English) 11h 34701 1,250.34bn 36,031k
Horsa49 (Hardcore) 2d 11h 25760 55.37bn 2,149k
Merlin50 (English) 1d 08h 34510 1,050.12bn 30,429k
Mordred51 (English) 1d 11h 33290 911.59bn 27,383k
Pellinore52 (English) 2d 09h 32508 873.14bn 26,859k
Tristan53 (English) 1d 12h 33893 693.97bn 20,475k
Pendragon54 (English) 1d 16h 35024 1,121.61bn 32,024k
Vortigern55 (Español) 13h 38408 1,842.22bn 47,964k
Guinevere56 (Deutsch) 13h 82979 1,744.17bn 21,019k
Morgana57 (Br. Portuguese) 1d 09h 37812 1,040.94bn 27,529k
Lancelot58 (Russian) 08h 99607 1,020.09bn 10,241k
Kay59 (English) 2d 09h 32555 1,033.24bn 31,738k
Bors60 (English) 12h 29653 1,047.96bn 35,341k
Bedivere61 (Turkish) 12h 63111 506.17bn 8,020k
Galahad62 (Dutch) 1d 11h 78439 1,219.2bn 15,543k
Gawain63 (Russian) 2d 09h 59342 1,004.19bn 16,922k
Percival64 (Français) 08h 92493 888.14bn 9,602k
Ector65 (Italiano) 2d 08h 115415 766.65bn 6,642k
Gareth66 (English) 11h 30883 1,274.02bn 41,253k
Hengist67 (English) 1d 15h 30669 855.48bn 27,894k
Horsa68 (English) 1d 08h 31351 1,074.25bn 34,265k
Merlin69 (English) 1d 09h 33402 864.5bn 25,881k
Mordred70 (English) 1d 15h 38236 1,676.02bn 43,833k
Pellinore71 (English) 1d 16h 35162 1,100.82bn 31,307k
Tristan72 (English) 12h 27769 924.49bn 33,292k
Pendragon73 (Español) 1d 05h 40148 1,393.14bn 34,700k
Vortigern74 (Deutsch) 1d 09h 32125 1,269.87bn 39,529k
Guinevere75 (Br. Portuguese) 03h 38266 665.32bn 17,386k
Morgana76 (English) 2d 10h 28750 1,064.74bn 37,034k
Lancelot77 (English) 2d 12h 24896 931.39bn 37,411k
Howell78 (English) 2d 12h 23689 976.75bn 41,232k
Kay79 (Turkish) 1d 05h 63127 401.15bn 6,354k
Bors80 (English) 10h 21012 711.17bn 33,845k
Bedivere81 (English) 1d 14h 62569 412.94bn 6,599k
Galahad82 (English) 10h 62838 662.37bn 10,540k
Gawain83 (Français) 10h 39335 360.46bn 9,164k
Percival84 (Français) 2d 10h 39324 531.08bn 13,505k
Ector85 (Deutsch) 1d 15h 41354 637.71bn 15,420k
Gareth86 (Deutsch) 1d 15h 41851 643.58bn 15,378k
Hengist87 (English) 1d 09h 18453 964.49bn 52,267k
兰斯洛特1 (Chinese Simplified) 07h 79937 12.23bn 153k
蘭斯洛特1 (Chinese Traditional) 1d 05h 14369 3.49bn 243k
凯伊2 (Chinese Simplified) 2d 08h 79924 11.73bn 146k
凱伊2 (Chinese Traditional) 07h 14365 4.93bn 343k
博尔3 (Chinese Simplified) 00h 79943 11.38bn 142k
Lancelot97 (English) 1d 06h 18983 831.07bn 43,779k
Kay98 (English) 2d 09h 115332 64.05bn 555k
Bors99 (Español) 12h 79505 97.16bn 1,222k
Inferno 101 (Special Event) 14h 11481 6.24bn 543k
Gawain102 (English) 09h 119056 59.08bn 496k
Percival103 (English) 1d 16h 114742 61.96bn 540k
Ector104 (Français) 13h 66413 145.61bn 2,192k
Gareth105 (Italiano) 12h 57998 129.94bn 2,240k
Hengist106 (Deutsch) 11h 52951 229.22bn 4,329k
Horsa107 (Español) 10h 79506 180.75bn 2,273k
Merlin108 (Turkish) 1d 07h 41797 45.56bn 1,090k
Mordred109 (Russian) 13h 69278 104.73bn 1,511k
Pellinore110 (Danish) 10h 10283 48.82bn 4,748k
Tristan111 (Swedish) 10h 14391 48.73bn 3,386k
Avalon (Hardcore) 11h 16583 1.41bn 85k
Stormlands (Hardcore) 1d 11h 9435 1.09bn 116k
Morgana115 (English) 1d 07h 117065 54.33bn 464k
Lancelot116 (English) 14h 121937 425.29bn 3,487k
Kay117 (English) 14h 121937 523.38bn 4,292k
Lohengrin118 (English) 13h 121946 502.57bn 4,121k
Ector123 (Dutch) 14h 14631 3,520.76bn 240,637k
Nordic/Polski124 (Polish) 09h 8424 3,968.57bn 471,103k
Hengist125 (English) 14h 48451 1,222.67bn 25,235k
Horsa126 (English) 12h 13463 10,730.83bn 797,060k
Merlin127 (English) 13h 13042 10,090.01bn 773,655k
Mordred128 (English) 14h 12778 9,478.96bn 741,818k
Pellinore129 (English) 14h 12076 9,264.21bn 767,159k
Tristan130 (English) 13h 13020 9,063.29bn 696,105k
Pendragon131 (English) 13h 14380 8,902.2bn 619,068k
Vortigern132 (English) 11h 11184 5,462.36bn 488,409k
Guinevere133 (English) 11h 16644 2,043.25bn 122,762k
Morgana134 (Deutsch) 14h 11145 11,184.12bn 1,003,510k
Lancelot135 (Français) 12h 9171 7,080.22bn 772,023k
Lancelot136 (Español) 13h 11721 9,045.14bn 771,704k
Kay137 (Italiano) 12h 9231 6,631.14bn 718,355k
Bors138 (English) 08h 9429 5.04bn 535k
Bedivere139 (Turkish) 12h 4626 2,371.12bn 512,565k
贝德维尔4 (Chinese Simplified) 09h 21003 131.25bn 6,249k
Gawain141 (Br. Portuguese) 10h 21669 3,718.29bn 171,595k
Percival142 (Russian) 10h 10608 3,000.32bn 282,835k
Ector143 03h 10612 2,999.99bn 282,698k
Purgatory200 (Hardcore) Old 15d 08h 31945 10.51bn 329k

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