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Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $1 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $2 per month to get access. Price List. Worlds 1-3 are free for use. Only $4 per month to get access to all games.

Id Time since update Players Total Might Average Might
Lancelot1 (English) 07h 57015 748.12bn 13,121k
Kay2 (English) 07h 46070 729.59bn 15,836k
Bors3 (Deutsch) 07h 54731 1,190.11bn 21,744k
Bedivere4 (Español) 20h 78170 1,270.93bn 16,258k
Galahad5 (Français) 22h 76140 1,054.71bn 13,852k
Gawain6 (Italiano) 06h 60602 1,049.93bn 17,325k
Percival7 (English) 06h 43602 463.27bn 10,625k
Ector8 (English) 01h 44785 603.69bn 13,479k
Gareth9 (English) 02h 40022 456.79bn 11,413k
Hengist10 (English) 22h 41097 471.18bn 11,465k
Horsa11 (English) 03h 43245 483.82bn 11,187k
Merlin12 (English) 23h 41609 466.42bn 11,209k
Mordred13 (English) 04h 43069 494.48bn 11,481k
Pellinore14 (Français) 03h 78973 1,802.49bn 22,824k
Tristan15 (Italiano) 05h 57056 1,529.55bn 26,807k
Pendragon16 (English) 22h 42550 604.68bn 14,211k
Vortigern17 (English) 21h 40875 689.7bn 16,873k
Guinevere18 (English) 02h 39947 566.56bn 14,182k
Morgana19 (Deutsch) 05h 54414 1,635.55bn 30,057k
Lancelot20 (Español) 07h 78414 1,477.07bn 18,836k
Kay21 (English) 06h 38273 524.78bn 13,711k
Bors22 (English) 22h 37559 567.01bn 15,096k
Bedivere23 (English) 01h 38016 485.45bn 12,769k
Galahad24 (English) 05h 37334 667.39bn 17,876k
Gawain25 (English) 04h 36401 540.27bn 14,842k
Percival26 (English) 01h 36073 582.24bn 16,140k
Ector27 (Turkish) 04h 81294 1,068.92bn 13,148k
Gareth28 (Swedish) 22h 62584 920.41bn 14,706k
Hengist29 (Dutch) 06h 78718 1,494.26bn 18,982k
Horsa30 (Danish) 02h 60317 1,080.08bn 17,906k
Merlin31 (Russian) 20h 57876 796.33bn 13,759k
Mordred32 (Polish) 05h 54197 1,041.46bn 19,216k
Pellinore33 (Br. Portuguese) 23h 42903 694.54bn 16,188k
Tristan34 (Français) 05h 73688 1,264.27bn 17,157k
Pendragon35 (Italiano) 07h 56431 1,359.13bn 24,084k
Vortigern36 (English) 22h 38252 625.08bn 16,341k
Guinevere37 (English) 22h 35955 581.76bn 16,180k
Morgana38 (English) 01h 33287 458.3bn 13,768k
Lancelot39 (English) 01h 36336 605.67bn 16,668k
Kay40 (English) 04h 33517 539.35bn 16,091k
Bors41 (Español) 04h 72730 1,489.18bn 20,475k
Bedivere42 (Deutsch) 06h 56954 1,824.03bn 32,026k
Galahad43 (English) 03h 35461 564.54bn 15,920k
Gawain44 (English) 03h 32999 466.69bn 14,142k
Percival45 (English) 02h 36874 801.41bn 21,733k
Ector46 (English) 23h 35824 582.69bn 16,265k
Gareth47 (English) 22h 32176 654.77bn 20,349k
Hengist48 (English) 05h 33956 706.23bn 20,798k
Horsa49 (Hardcore) 03h 17962 11.61bn 646k
Merlin50 (English) 01h 33705 573.2bn 17,006k
Mordred51 (English) 01h 32160 531.23bn 16,518k
Pellinore52 (English) 23h 31789 482.84bn 15,189k
Tristan53 (English) 1d 00h 33037 385.14bn 11,657k
Pendragon54 (English) 06h 33268 691.43bn 20,783k
Vortigern55 (Español) 06h 37387 1,245.61bn 33,316k
Guinevere56 (Deutsch) 1d 00h 82578 1,485.37bn 17,987k
Morgana57 (Br. Portuguese) 03h 31108 639.1bn 20,544k
Lancelot58 (Russian) 04h 99163 821.14bn 8,280k
Kay59 (English) 21h 31751 571.89bn 18,012k
Bors60 (English) 06h 28662 600.38bn 20,946k
Bedivere61 (Turkish) 1d 00h 62695 413.84bn 6,600k
Galahad62 (Dutch) 07h 71709 884.66bn 12,336k
Gawain63 (Russian) 21h 58393 813.44bn 13,930k
Percival64 (Français) 21h 92102 762.52bn 8,279k
Ector65 (Italiano) 01h 114805 658.97bn 5,739k
Gareth66 (English) 23h 29744 741.39bn 24,925k
Hengist67 (English) 03h 29334 529.76bn 18,059k
Horsa68 (English) 04h 30448 589.47bn 19,360k
Merlin69 (English) 03h 32278 484.67bn 15,015k
Mordred70 (English) 02h 36736 980.73bn 26,696k
Pellinore71 (English) 02h 34035 632.24bn 18,576k
Tristan72 (English) 04h 26628 577.05bn 21,670k
Pendragon73 (Español) 03h 38938 1,171.07bn 30,075k
Vortigern74 (Deutsch) 1d 03h 31185 1,092.57bn 35,035k
Guinevere75 (Br. Portuguese) 23h 31228 399.52bn 12,793k
Morgana76 (English) 01h 27360 528.99bn 19,334k
Lancelot77 (English) 23h 23428 496.99bn 21,213k
Howell78 (English) 22h 21977 532.87bn 24,246k
Kay79 (Turkish) 20h 62771 373.86bn 5,955k
Bors80 (English) 20h 18484 381.15bn 20,621k
Bedivere81 (English) 19h 55050 351.12bn 6,378k
Galahad82 (English) 01h 55135 554.2bn 10,051k
Gawain83 (Français) 20h 38003 301.97bn 7,946k
Percival84 (Français) 21h 38442 436.93bn 11,366k
Ector85 (Deutsch) 23h 40969 596.87bn 14,568k
Gareth86 (Deutsch) 21h 41145 555.09bn 13,491k
Hengist87 (English) 1d 00h 16261 590.57bn 36,318k
兰斯洛特1 (Chinese Simplified) 22h 73471 5.72bn 77k
蘭斯洛特1 (Chinese Traditional) 21h 13578 1.81bn 133k
凯伊2 (Chinese Simplified) 21h 73472 5.72bn 77k
凱伊2 (Chinese Traditional) 20h 13578 2.36bn 173k
博尔3 (Chinese Simplified) 17h 73501 6.66bn 90k
Lancelot97 (English) 22h 16797 514.36bn 30,622k
Kay98 (English) 02h 114133 19.85bn 173k
Bors99 (Español) 02h 61826 18.75bn 303k
Gawain102 (English) 04h 117800 16.84bn 142k
Percival103 (English) 06h 112717 12bn 106k
Ector104 (Français) 01h 24936 2.59bn 104k
Gareth105 (Italiano) 07h 19234 2.3bn 119k
Hengist106 (Deutsch) 03h 17681 3.32bn 188k
Horsa107 (Español) 03h 32150 2.76bn 85k
Merlin108 (Turkish) 23h 14897 0.78bn 52k
Mordred109 (Russian) 1d 00h 20716 1.98bn 95k
Pellinore110 (Danish) 02h 4165 0.95bn 229k
Tristan111 (Swedish) 21h 6337 0.87bn 138k
Avalon (Hardcore) 04h 13428 1.04bn 77k
Stormlands (Hardcore) 05h 7516 0.41bn 55k
Morgana115 (English) 05h 113522 10.18bn 89k

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